Monday, May 21, 2018

Vision, Mission & Purpose


Our Vision

That youth in Dundas find fulfilling and productive routes for their lives and living based on values of trust, respect and integrity.

Our Mission

To provide a safe place and guidance for youth by building
relationships in a safe, social, and caring environment.

Statement Of Purpose

The mission of Dundas Youth Chaplaincy is to develop and maintain a caring presence and advocacy among the young people who tend to be socially marginalized. Our objective is to reach out to them offering social, Christian care and concern. We further aim to provide a place and programs featuring a safe social environment where young people will feel welcome and accepted, and will be encouraged in their personal development as whole persons through interaction with positive role models. Our mission is, further, to observe the culture and to discern the needs of marginalized young people in our community in order to maintain current approaches to ministering to that need.

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